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Our specialist teams can repair your electrical faults. If you require our advice and experience, contact us on 07835 947 111 or contact us via the live online chat. Please note we do not repair household appliances, such as hoovers and televisions.

Over time, most electrical installations will gradually deteriorate over time. Deterioration is quite natural and usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • Regular 'wear and tear' through conventional usage

  • Corrosion over time

  • Accidental damage, possibly due to circumstance out of your control, such as burst pipes or flood damage

  • Overloading the circuits

We strongly advise you urgently to have such concerns rectified, to avoid a potential fire risk or injury. You will notice these issues potentially from:

  • Circuit breakers tripping and blowing fuses

  • Flickering lights in your home or commercial property

  • Lack of power supply

  • Smell of burning

  • Sound of crackling

Despite your electrical fault, our electricians can accommodate all your electrical repair requirements. When our electricians arrive, we will immediately diagnose the issue via visual inspection & electrical testing. With our decades of experience, it is entirely reasonable for our electricians to diagnose your problem and offer a prompt resolution.

After the investigation, our electricians will repair or replace defective components and ensure proper operating conditions afterward. We would, of course, discuss costs beforehand.


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