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CPC will split your home rewiring into a first and second fix. The First fix involves all of the wiring or rewiring, including but not limited to circuits and back boxes for power, lighting, burglar alarms, smoke detectors, and doorbells, plus telephone, television.

The second fix involves connecting the consumer unit, adding light fittings, faceplates for switches and sockets, connecting the boiler, immersion heater, and central heating controls.

Sometimes a full rewire of your home can be avoided provided the cabling in place is in satisfactory condition and able to carry the current loads. It may also be possible to upgrade the consumer unit and cross bonding with something more modern thus avoiding the high costs of a full rewiring. Contact us today to discuss this further.

If you are planning a new Installation CPC will usually start any rewiring work at the same time as the plumbing and central heating is being installed. If the house requires new cabling, floorboards will need to be uplifted and usually skirting boards too. If possible you should have this electrical work done before moving into your home as this work will cause major disruption.

A full rewiring will include the following:

  • Installation of New Cabling

  • Fitting of Back Boxes for Sockets and Switches

  • Fitting Switch Plates

  • Light & Consumer Unit Fitting

  • Wiring Any Electric Fans, Cookers & Extractor Hoods

  • Wiring Electric Showers & Immersion Heater

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