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Extra Sockets 

Installing Electrical Outlet

As families and technology develop and more electrical devices are being used in the home and outside, extra sockets will become critical in your property.


The days when you needed just an electric socket for the TV and perhaps a light, now you may need extra sockets for your Digital TV, DVD players, computers, laptops, Games consoles, lights, chargers etc.


Extra sockets are often needed in older houses when they were built few architects took into account such appliances when the house was designed and built. Even newer houses may need extra sockets especially if you have lots of electrical goods such as computers, TVs, and other appliances.

You should never try to add extra sockets yourself as this needs a qualified electrician install them safely and ensure they meet the required electrical safety standards. Extra sockets are available with USB ports included and are a relatively quick and simple job for a trained electrician and can be hassle-free for you as the job is done quickly and safely.

Adding extra sockets or even moving sockets to a more convenient place can reduce the need for extension leads and trailing wires, but even more importantly reduces the risk of overloading circuits which could cause excessive heat to build up in the wire which of course could lead to an electrical fire.


CPC can come to your home or office and assess the work that needs completing and give you a free no-obligation quote. We are fully qualified and certified electricians so you can rest assured that all of our electrical work is fully insured and completed to the very best electrical standards.

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